It Starts with One Tree

Planting with Conserve Natural Forests


Conserve Natural Forests (CNF) is a non-profit NGO based in the Pai District of Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand. Their mission is to restore natural forest landscapes throughout Thailand in ways that protect and enhance biodiversity, self-regulate landscape ecological processes, and improve the livelihoods of local communities in the longterm. Their work would not be possible without the invaluable support of the local community and Thai government, and we are thankful for their help and the help of other like-minded individuals who have facilitated our development these past years. If you would like to know more, we encourage you to book a trip to their project site or sign up for our mailing list.

Their Priorities


CNF strives to meet global biodiversity and climate change mitigation targets in ways that sustain or improve local livelihoods, including the preservation of local old-growth forests and the restoration of degraded landscapes. With the help of their friends, they work year-round throughout Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai Provinces to rebuild the beautiful and biodiverse tropical forests of Northern Thailand –– planting a diverse array of tree species as reforestation efforts. These species are chosen specifically for their compatibility with the local climate and soil, allowing them to thrive and bring a wealth of benefits to both humans and the natural world. CNF primarily focuses on planting native tree species that are particularly well-suited to the region.

Wildlife Conservation

In addition to protecting natural forests, CNF also works to directly protect and conserve particular species. Some of the species can include the Asian elephant, the Sumatran tiger, and the Javan rhinoceros, along with specific birds, primates and reptiles. CNF works with local communities and governments to implement measures to protect these endangered species, conducting research on the behavior and habitat needs of particular species, and participating in efforts to restore and protect habitats that have been damaged or degraded.


The Conserve Natural Forests team works to educate people about the many benefits that natural forests provide, including the regulation of the Earth's climate, the protection of biodiversity, and the provision of vital resources such as timber and medicine. CNF also works with local communities, governments, and businesses to ensure that forests are managed in a way that preserves their natural values while also providing economic benefits. This includes things like the creation of protected areas and the use of sustainable logging practices.