With a strong focus on reforestation and preserving wildlife, it was a no brainer to partner up the the Conserve Natural Forests Team (CNF), to plant in our first, location, Krabi Thailand!

People often wonder if trees are actually being planted with every purchase, so we patnered up with EcoMatcher to bury any doubts. EcoMatcher acts as a verification system and authenticates the trees are being planted. The coolest part –– you can virtually visit your trees at any time!

The littlest details, make the biggest impact! We partnered with EcoEnclose to provide eco-friendly packaging –– recycled, recyclable and naturally biodegradable packaging. Be proud of how you recieved your awareness gear!

Every product shipped is carbon neutral. We offset the balance by doing something positive in the world. Our credits are applied towards improved Forest Management at McCloud River.