5pc Mystery Pack

5pc Mystery Pack

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Plants 1 Tree in an Elephant Sanctuary
100% Recycled Packaging
Ships from the United States

Have you ever stopped to think about how awesome surprises are?

Life is full of them, and it's all about embracing the unexpected and letting go of the mundane. Get groovy with our 5pc Mystery Pack, and enjoy the magic of a good surprise.

You never know what gifts might come your way when we randomly pick 5 pieces specifically for you. Our mystery packs include our newest, best-selling, and sometimes even unreleased pieces

So what are you waiting for? Excite your life today!

Did you know that over 2.7 million trees are cut down every single day?
Destroying natural habitats and entire ecosystems, causing animals to suffer.

Help rebuild habitats and support the world's forests by wearing one of our Dandelion Wish Cuff Bracelets! Each bracelet plants one tree in a national forest and gives you a unique code to virtually track your tree and its impact. Buy a few and collect trees from around the world!

Habitat Conservation - The Plant a Tree Bracelet was created to replant trees in natural habitats and help save endangered species around the globe!

Entirely Sustainable - Designed with the planet first, every order comes with carbon-neutral shipping and recycled packaging materials, leaving no footprint behind.

Track Your Trees - Get excited after your purchase! Log into your customer account, track your impact, and watch your trees as they grow!

Join our mission to plant 1 Trillion Trees and rebuild habitats for our beautiful wildlife. Purchase a Bracelet, Plant a Tree!

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